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Frequently asked questions


Preliminary questions



      1.What do you do?


      The Italian Assessor Agency (IAA) administers the Italian Language Test (ILT) on behalf of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). We were authorized by CCTC on March 2010. We can answer only questions related to this test.
      For questions related to the California Single Subject Credential, please refer to the official site of CCTC:



    2. Who are the examiners?


    They are seven qualified Italian teachers at the High School/College/University level or with much experience teaching Italian. Most of them are native speakers of Italian. 



    3. For whom is this Test?


    The Test is for all the candidates who qualify under the CCTC rules for the Italian Single Subject Credential.
    If you do not have another valid California Credential, please be aware that it could be very difficult to comply with the requirement to complete 150 hours of supervised teaching.
    Currently, only California State University Long Beach offers supervised practice in Italian.
    Check at: htttp://



    4.What is the structure of the Italian Language Test?


    The ILT has the same format as the other Language Tests offered by CCTC with only small differences. Please check the file Test Structure & Guide on this website.



    5. If I complete and pass this exam, will I have a teaching credential for Italian or are other exams necessary?


    For the Italian Single Subject Credential you need:
    -A B.A. with a Major in Italian
    -Pass the C-BEST exam and meet the US Constitution requirement.
    -A passing grade on our test and on the Cultural Test* administered by Evaluation Systems, Group of Pearson on behalf of CCTC.
    -150 hours of supervised teaching practice and the other educational requirements listed on California Commission on Teacher Credentialing web site (
    All inquiries about this topic should be directed to the CCTC.



    6. Are all the exams administered by the Italian Assessor Agency?


    No, see answer 5.



    7. Is there a sequence in which the exams must be taken?


    No. You can start at the beginning of  this test or with the Cultural Test.



    8. How long will the results be valid?


    Five years.

* NOTE, Italian, Exam number 303, SubTest I: General Linguistics; Linguistics of the Target Language; Literary and  Cultural Texts and Traditions; Cultural Analysis and Comparisons.
Check at:


Before the Test


    9. When is the next test? How many are given each year?


    The test is offered twice annually on a Saturday in November and in May.



    10. Will there be an exam in another city? Which city/cities and when?


    The test alternates between northern and southern California, and is held at the Italian Cultural Society's Italina Centers, either at 6821 Fair Oaks Boulevard in Carmichael (near Sacramento), CA or at 2791 24th Street Room 13 Sacramento, California. For Southern California the test is held on the UCLA Campus at Rolfe Hall, Los Angeles Ca. You can find this information on the first page of the Italian Assessor Agency web page at Center/index.html and in the application form.



    11. Do you offer preparatory classes? 





    12.Is there a course, book or website to help me prepare for the exam?


    There are too many sources to list. For further information, please read these three files carefully:
    Test Overview; Test Sample; Test Structure & Guide.



    13.When Can I apply?


    We publish the application form on our website in February and July.



    14.How many candidates can you admit to each Test?


    At the Sacramento center we have room for 16 candidates, and in Los Angeles for 10.
    We accept applications on a “first come, first served” basis.


The Test day


    15.How long will the exam take?


    The test takes approximately five hours. The Speaking section is the last one.
    If you are one of last in the Speaking section, it could last 6 hours.
    There is a 20-minute recess between the Writing section and the Speaking section for lunch. Because the test is administered on a Saturday, it is difficult to purchase food nearby, so we recommend that applicants bring their own lunches.



    16.How many examiners are usually present for the oral portion of the exam?


    Two, sometimes three.



    17. If I fail any one portion of the exam, will I be able to repeat only the sections I failed or must I take the entire exam over?


    The minimum score to pass the test is 220/300 points.
    An applicant who scores lower than 220 points must retake the entire test.


After the Test


    18. When will I know my results?


    We have 30 days to score your test but usually we correct the tests in a shorter period of time. You will be notified by e-mail if you pass or fail.



    19. Can I log on your website to receive my score?


No. We administer The Italian Language Test on behalf of  the “California Commission on Teacher Credentialing” on a voluntary base. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources for this.



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