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Next Test Date: Saturday, November 5, 2016 in BURBANK, CA




    Italian Assessor Agency


The next will take place:
Our sister assessor agency, Fondazione Italia will administer the next exam:

Test Date:  Saturday, November 5, 2016
Location: Robert Bellarmine School – 154 N. Fifth Street, Burbank

The Italian Cultural Society is evaluating offering the Italian Language Test (Italian sub-test III) exam date for Northern California and Bay-Area in 2017 based on demand. If you would like to take the Italian sub-test III in the Spring of 2017 in Northern California and Bay-Area region please send us an email advising us of your interest. Thank you.



As an authorized Italian Assessor Agency, the Italian Cultural Society administers the language portion (Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking) of the Italian California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) in the Sacramento area, and reports those results back to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC).

To complete the Italian CSET that serves to establish core competency in Italian for a single-subject material, candidates must register for, and pass two sub tests: the language sub test and the cultural sub test (General Linguistics, Literature, History, Geography and Culture). The Italian Cultural Society offers only the language sub test portion of the Italian CSET. It is the candidates’ responsibility to make sure they have registered for and completed the cultural sub test through the CCTC website. Click here for more information on the cultural sub test portion of the Italian CSET

Candidates must pass both the language and cultural sub tests to pass the Italian CSET.

Passing the Italian CSET does not provide you with a Single Subject Credential. Passage of the Italian CSET only allows you to teach Italian in a middle or high school once you have completed a Single Subject credentialing program. It is the responsibility of the candidate to make sure they have completed all the requirements for a Single Subject Credential by visiting the CCTC web site.


The next Italian Language Test (Italian sub-test III)

with the Italian Cultural Society as the assessor agency will be offered if there is sufficient demand.

Once exam date is determined, all fees for may either be mailed along with the application or made at our online store using your PAYPAL account of credit card.


For further information, please read the files in the sections:
Test Overview, Test Structure and Guide, Test Sample