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Italian Center: 6821 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael CA
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Class Schedule:

Class Dates Days Times Location Instructor Cost
Italian for Travelers(Travelers)29 March - 26 April, 2017W 5:00p-6:50pSacramentoPatrizia$145
Italian for Travelers(Travelers)30 March - 27 April, 2017TH 7:00p-8:50pCarmichaelPatrizia$145
Italian for Travelers(Travelers)26 July - 23 August, 2017W 5:30p-7:30pSacramentoPatrizia$145
Italian for Travelers(Travelers)27 July-24 August, 2017TH 6:30p-8:30pCarmichaelPatrizia$145
Italiano Uno (One)28 March -23 May T 10:00a-12:00pSacramento Grazia$195
Italiano Uno (One)28 March -23 May T 7:00p - 9:00pCarmichaelLucia$195
Italiano Due (Two)27 March -22 May M 7:00p-9:00pCarmichaelGrazia$195
Italiano Due (Two)28 March -23 MayT 5:00p-6:50pSacramentoNancy$195
Italiano Tre (Three)29 March -24 May*W 7:00p-9:00pSacramentoPatrizia$195
Italiano Tre (Three)30 March -25 MayTH 12:30p-2:30pSacramentoGrazia $195
Italiano Cinque (Five)15 March-26 April *W 10:00a-12:30pCarmicahelPatrizia$195
Italiano Cinque (Five)30 March -25 May TH 7:00p-9:00pSacramentoNancy$195
Italiano Sei (Six)30 March-25 May TH 10:00a - 12:00pSacramentoGrazia$195
Italiano Sei (Six)30 March -25 May TH 5:00p - 6:55pSacramentoNancy$195
Italiano Sette (Seven)28 March -23 May T 12:30p - 2:30pSacramentoLorella$195
Italiano Sette-Nove (Seven-Nine)28 March -23 May T 10:00a - 12:00pCarmichaelLucia$195
Italiano dieci (ten)27 March -22 May M 10:00a-12:00pSacramentoLorella$195
Italiano–Tredici-Quindici (Thirteen-Fifteen)28 March -23 MayT 7:00p - 9:00pSacramentoNancy$195
Italiano–Tredici-Quindici (Thirteen-Fifteen)29 March -24 May W 10:00a - 12:00pCarmichaelLucia$195
Corso Avanzato (Advanced Course)29 March -24 May W 10:00a - 12:00pSacramentoLorella$195
Corso Avanzato (Advanced Course)29 March -24 May W 7:00p - 9:00pCarmichaelLucia$195
Corso Superiore (Advanced Grammar, Reading and Conversation)27 March -22 May M 12:30p - 2:30pSacramentoNancy$195
Pre-School (Italian Pre-School for Ages 2-5) 27 March -22 May M 10:00a -11:30pCarmichaelLucia e Grazia$45 material fee
Ciao Italia (Italian School for Ages 6-12) 08 April-27 MaySat 10:30a -12:00pCarmichaelLucia e Staff$45 material fee
Ciao Summer Camp - Cooking and Foods (Ages 3 -10)10 July - 14 July M-F 9:00a -12:00pCarmichaelLucia and Lorella$150
Ciao Summer Camp - Passport to Italy (Ages 3-10)17 July-21 July M-F 9:00a -12:00pCarmichaelLucia and Lorella$150
Ciao Summer Camp - Arts and Crafts (Ages 3 -10)24 July-28 July M-F 9:00a -12:00pCarmichaelLucia and Lorella$150
Ciao Summer Camp -Animals and the ZOO (Ages 3 -10)31 July-4 August M-F 9:00a -12:00pCarmichaelLucia and Lorella$150
* This Class may meet additional times in the week as aggreed by students in the class

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