The Carmichael Italian Center

The Italian Cultural Society had a dream of connecting our community with our Italian heritage and culture by building a center that would offer this opportunity to learn, gather and unify. After several years, the dream was realized with the completion of the Italian Center in Carmichael.

The Italian Center in Carmichael is the epicenter of maintaining our heritage, culture and pride. The Italian Cultural Society's mission is to serve the cultural needs of our community by providing some of the best and most unique cultural programs and activities in our region. Through cultural programs and events, the Italian Center provides opportunity to learn about and share our Italian heritage and history, strengthen our unity and identity, and enable new generations to enjoy and participate through cultural and educational activities.  As a regional center we offer outstanding language,  dance, and cultural  programs which carry on our traditions for young families with children and adults.

Some of us have been fortunate to be raised in families close to their heritage where they are able to visit with family
members, enjoy large family dinners, listen to stories of their grandparents, celebrate family traditions, speak Italian in the household, look through scrapbooks that hold photographs of family faces through out the generations and have traveled to Italy to meet living relatives. But we are not all that fortunate. For some of us, our direct links to our Italian heritage have weakened over time or have gotten lost for a variety of reasons, yet we desire to more fully connect with our Italian Heritage.

The Italian Center in Carmichael offers this connection.

The Italian Center relies on donations made to the Italian Center Funds' Renaissance Circles to provide the programs, language classes and other activities that are ongoing. The Italian Cultural Society is a 501(c)3 non-profit and your donation may be tax-deductible. Mille Grazie!

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PHOTOS: (Top) The Italian Center in Carmichael
(Middle) Italian Language Classroom at the Italian Center
(Bottom) Bambini (Children's) Dance Troupe Practice in the main room at the Italian Center 

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