Classes are being offered IN-PERSON at the Carmichael
Italian Center and ON-LINE via zoom

LEARN ITALIAN IN PERSON OR FROM ANYWHERE! Now you can learn to speak Italian from anywhere by joining  our online Zoom classes!

CURRENT SCHEDULE IS NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION!  Join in person classes held at the Italian Center in Carmichael, or learn online and enjoy social interaction with familiar instructors and fellow students. The new technology allows instructors to utilize handouts, whiteboards, videos and other educational resources to make this a truly beneficial learning experience. The software also allows students the option to select audio only. 

TO PARTICIPATE IN THE ONLINE CLASSES with your instructor and classmates, simply sign up using our online registration process as usual. At least 24 hours before classes begin, you'll receive a link to the virtual class for which you registered. Our language director, Patrizia Cinquini Cerruti will be available through this format to greet students and answer questions. 


There is no better way to celebrate Italian culture than to learn the language!

The ICS Italian Language School has taught Italian since 1981 using a proven curriculum, teaching students to speak and understand Italian in a fun, no-stress atmosphere. Our approach gives students an understanding of Italian culture, customs, food and people, while emphasizing the pleasure and beauty of Italian language and culture. In addition to the satisfactions of learning Italian, our classes offer a fun experience and the opportunity to meet people who share similar goals and interests.