ONLINE (Zoom) AND IN PERSON (Italian Center, Carmichael).

 ZOOM TIPS for Online Learning 

This combination of online and in person classes allow students to learn Italian and enjoy social interaction with both instructors and fellow students in both our virtual and in person classrooms. New technology allows instructors to utilize handouts, whiteboards, videos and other educational resources to make this a truly beneficial learning experience.

To participate in either THE ONLINE or the IN-PERSON CLASSES, simply use our online registration process as usual. You'll receive an invitation to enter the virtual classroom about 24 hours before the class session. Just show up to the IN-PERSON classes at our Italian Center in Carmichael.  Our language director, Patrizia Cinquini Cerruti, is available to answer questions. 

IN PERSON CLASSES are held at the CARMICHAEL ITALIAN CENTER, located at 6821 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael,95608  

There is no better way to celebrate Italian culture than to learn the beautiful Italian language!

The Italian Cultural Society’s Italian Language School can teach you to speak Italian or improve your Italian with instructors who know that the most effective learning takes place in a dynamic and friendly environment. 

We have taught Italian in Sacramento since 1981 using a proven curriculum to teach students how to speak and understand Italian in a fun, no-stress atmosphere. Our approach gives students a real understanding of Italian history, customs, food, and people, and emphasizes the pleasure and beauty of Italian language and culture. In addition to the satisfactions of learning Italian, the classes offer a fun experience and the opportunity to meet people who share similar goals and interests. 

Our experienced faculty will assist you in selecting the best class. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Call: 916 ITALY-00 (482-5900), or email our School Director Patrizia Cinquini Cerruti at italy@italiancenter.net



•   TUITION is $265 per quarter

•   THE ITALIAN CENTER IN CARMICHAEL (6851 Fair Oaks Blvd., Carmichael CA 95608) 

To make learning as simple and convenient as possible, when more than one section of the same level class is offered, students may attend any section of the class, as their schedule requires. 

ONLY IN PERSON CLASSES MAY SELECT THE OPTION TO PAY by check on the first day of class Payment is required at the time of checkout to register IN ALL ONLINE CLASSES

Student MAY cancel registration PRIOR to the first class meeting and receive a full refund or credit.  NO REFUNDS ARE POSSIBILE after classes begin. Please note that registration fees for classes may not be pro-rated due to the student’s absence.

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Call: 916 ITALY-00 (482-5900) 
Email: italy@italiancenter.net

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